Women’s Voices Must Be Heard!


Don’t stand by and allow election 2012 pass without any activism to ensure that women have spoken. Women account for 54% of the vote in North Carolina and it’s up to us to make sure we put leaders in office that make women’s issues a priority. In the last couple NC General Assemblies, the legislature has attacked women’s reproductive freedom, limited access to health care and has made severe cuts to education budgets that ensure upward mobility for women.

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It’s phone banking time!

Election 2012 is upon us and there is much work to do. NC Women Matter is a non-partisan collective of organizations and individuals that have mobilized to increase awareness of issues affecting women, but most importantly our goal is to increase female voter turnout on November 6, 2012. Our goal is to realize as much of our 54% of voter impact as possible. We have organized a Phone Bank for the purpose of reaching out to the 3000 women across the state of North Carolina to which we have already sent hand written letters.

Can we count on you to assist with the phone bank? Click here

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