About Us


In advance of the 2012 election, a number of North Carolina women’s organizations, led by a steering committee of experienced and committed activists, came together to form a non-partisan coalition focused on substantially increasing the number of women who vote in the 2012 election in North Carolina.  Our primary goal was to turn out our coalition organizations’ constituencies/members and beyond that to build organizational capacity and collaborate on joint efforts to turn out women in the broader community.

Our goal now continues to be to build the capacity for all women and women’s organizations to have their voices heard in upcoming elections.

The coalition will provide non-partisan voter registration and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) training, coordinate efforts, and work through smaller committees to develop joint messaging, campaign tactics, a far-reaching social media presence, and more.

This is a non-partisan effort designed to increase voter participation among women.  We will not endorse candidates, coordinate with political parties or encourage the women with whom we communicate to vote in a particular way.  This effort will be strictly issue-based and focus exclusively on issues that are important and relevant to women and girls. (The fiscal agent for NC Women Matter is the Women’s Forum of NC, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization.)

We invite you and/or your organization to join us in this effort. There are no membership dues associated with joining this coalition.  We do ask that joining organizations commit to acting as a partner in this non-partisan effort by committing to engage in the activities described below.

  • Share information so that we can coordinate voter registration/ GOTV efforts.
  • Participate in at least one collaborative outreach effort.
  • Remain engaged through the 2014 election

The actions we take as women and North Carolinians will have an impact on the direction of our state for many years to come.  We believe that a failure to act in a coordinated way now will have a substantially negative effect on all of the women and girls in our state.

You are welcome to join us in this extremely important effort.