In case you don’t think letter writing makes a difference, here is an excerpt from a note from a letter recipient to one of our volunteers…

” I want to let you know I have been bombarded with political mail, fliers, advertisements, commercials to the point where I cannot stand it.  HOWEVER, your taking the time and effort to write a personal note has impressed and touched me.  You are making a difference.  I’ve read and reread your note.  Thank you for taking that effort…..
“Sorry, I’ve gotten way off track.  But, like you, I am passionate.  I will vote.  Have no fear of that.  Not only do I thank you for writing your wonderful note, but I also want to thank you for alerting me to NCWM which is an organization that has a real appeal to me.
Thank you for caring enough to do what you do.  Bad things happen when good people do nothing.”

If you haven’t already, please VOLUNTEER and make a difference.  Time is short.  Volunteer now.

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