Bennett III Update

The plans are coming together for Bennett III: Issues and Actions on July 26 in Greensboro. Before you come, it would be great if you could give some thought to 3 topics that we will explore at the conference.
1) What would a truly comprehensive, progressive women’s movement in North Carolina look like and what steps do you think can be taken to get us there?
2) What resources does my organization have that would be helpful in educating women and getting out the female vote this mid-term election in November?
3) What kinds of strategies or tactics have you participated in or seen work to engage women and get them to vote?

The day will start with registration and a continental breakfast at 8:30. The program will start at 9:00 sharp and conclude no later than 4:30. There will be a table set for you to bring materials from your organization that you want to share. Also, if you have a book or two that you think others may be interested in reading, bring that along as well.
The program will emphasize making the connection between the economy and critical women’s issues. It will focus on how we can work together to build collaborative efforts in our own communities to educate women and get out the female vote in November.
The day promises to be fast-paced and open enough to connect with new people and network with other dynamic and committed women.

To see the complete program agenda click here.

If you have not yet registered, click here.

For a map of the location, click here.


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