Organize Now…New Voter Rules are Coming

NC Women Matter is partnering with Democracy North Carolina and 24 other statewide organizations in a non-partisan campaign to help every potential voter in North Carolina learn the new rules associated with voting and ensure that no vote is suppressed. Operation Jump Start is a statewide effort to connect the work of individuals and organizations to maximize our collective impact as we educate potential voters about the new election law changes, changes that go far beyond voter id.

There are dozens of ways you can support this campaign.  You can assist with voter registration.  You can distribute materials.  (The Democracy-NC web site has lots of downloadable materials for distribution.)  You can monitor Board of Election meetings or become an election protection volunteer. You can help people get the necessary ID or you can be trained in the nuances of the new law and spread the word through presentations. To get started, go to and click on the Operation Jump Start section.  Fill in the volunteer form and be sure to mention that you are a part of NC Women Matter, or send a message to us at and we will be back to you with suggestions and specific activities in your area in which you can become a part.

It is our responsibility to be sure that all potential voters (especially women voters) have the information and tools they need to vote – in the primary in May and the general election in November.

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