Women and the Work Force: Learn More!

Here are links for more information on this morning’s call.

You’ve got three ways to listen to the call. For all of these you probably want to skip the first 5 minutes and 30 seconds, a recording of the participants gathering.

  1. Download the call to your MP3 player via link to recording
  2. Listen to the call on your computer (if your browser supports this):

    (Click in the progress bar to move the current listening point)
  3. Use your telephone to hear the recording by
    calling 1-626-677-3003 (long distance)
    access code 883066 (playback controls)

Background from the NY Times (May 2013)

Thanks to AAUW for the graphic calling for Equal PayInformation from Mary Peterson, AAUW NC, on the Gender Wage Gap

Information from Rachel Lyons, MomsRising, on the FAMILY Act (upcoming federal legislation)

Information from Sabine Schoenbach, NC Justice Center, on the state of working women in North Carolina:

If you want to bring training on women’s rights in the workplace to a group in your community, contact Beth Messersmith at beth@momsrising.org. The Justice Center and MomsRising offer free training for gatherings of women across the state. Childcare and dinner are provided.

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