Host a house party!

Something you can do NOW!

There’s a diverse set of issues around the state with the municipal elections, school board elections, bond initiatives, and more. We’ll be posting about why these elections are so important, but one thing you can do to engage friends in the electoral process is to host a house party.

What is a house party? 

  • It is a fun, relatively easy way to educate people about issues that you care about.
  • House parties involve inviting your friends and acquaintances over for an hour or so to hear information about your issue and the kinds of actions that need to be taken to achieve positive change on the issue.

Why are they important?

  • House parties can have a ripple effect in terms of spreading your message.
  • You start by hosting a house party for your friends and acquaintances. At the end of the party, you try to get a few people to agree to host house parties themselves for their family, friends, and acquaintances. At those house parties you will again ask for hosts. With each house party and each new host’s circle of friends, you expand the circle of people who know about your issues in a type of ripple effect.

Other notes

  • Remember: invite 15 people if you want to entertain 8.
  • Get the word out through
    • phone or personal email,  
    • your email lists, and
    • social media
  • For larger events consider setting up an event page on Facebook, EventBrite or Meetup to help spread the word and manage RSVPs.

2 thoughts on “Host a house party!

  1. If you want a more detailed guide to hosting such a conversation, see this post from the American Association of University Women.

    Feel free to ignore the AAUW-specific parts of the post (or replace them with suggestions more appropriate to your organization).

    AAUW has also had success with what they call “Cocktails and Convos” — like the Reproductive Happy Hours we’ve seen here in the Triangle. For tips on how to organize one of those, see

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