Listen to our August 16 call

Bob Hall of Democracy NC gave a great overview of the VoterID/Election Reform bill, said to be the most restrictive in the nation, that was signed by the Governor earlier this month.

Listen to the call to hear

  • What the VoterID provisions are and why that shouldn’t be the focus right now
  • The time frame for when the law’s provisions take effect
  • What you can do now — and what you and your organization can be planning for 2014-2016

Review the resources from Democracy NC.

You’ve got three ways to listen to the call:

  1. Download the call to your MP3 player via link to recording
  2. Listen to the call on your computer (if your browser supports this):
  3. Use your telephone to hear the recording by
    calling 1-626-677-3003 (long distance)
    access code 616049

If you missed the call, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get updates in the future.

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