This is the week to get involved!

Lot’s Going On

By now, you already know that the North Carolina State Senate, in the stealth of the evening last Tuesday, passed a series of the most extreme and regressive impediments to a women’s reproductive freedom one can imagine.  They attached these restrictions to a totally unrelated bill.  They took a final vote on Wednesday and sent the bill – HB 695 – back to the House for concurrence.  The House has chosen to send the bill to their Health and Human Services Committee on Tuesday morning, July 9.  At this point the timing for the full House debate is unknown.  It could be as early as Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.

With this extreme legislation as a backdrop, and in the context of a series of regressive actions already taken by the legislature, including ending unemployment benefits for 70 plus thousand individuals, rejecting funding from the federal government that would have allowed an estimated 500,000 poor women, children and men to access Medicaid, and proposed budgets that severely cut public education and early childhood education and care and much more that we must take action

Here is what you and your members, their friends, and contacts can do:

  • Come to the Moral Monday Rally at 5:00 on the Halifax Mall this Monday and bring a sign indicating your concern.  Numbers, the number of people adversely affected by the actions of this General Assembly, etc., and women’s concerns will be highlighted.   Our numbers will be extremely important.
  • Join us in front of the Legislature on Tuesday morning at 9:00 to send a message to lawmakers that we are watching, that we are deeply concerned and that we vote.  Wear pink or purple to show solidarity with women and families from across the state.  Let’s not make it easy for the legislature to take away our rights and dictate our medical decision. See the Facebook Event for more details.
  • If you can’t be there, make calls.  Call Governor McCrory at 919-814-2000 and urge him to keep his campaign promise and Veto HB 695 if it gets to his desk.  Tell him that ignoring the bill and simply letting it become law is totally unacceptable.  Call Speaker Tillis’s office, 919-733-3451, and tell him where you are from and that HB 695 is bad legislation that will severely impact the health care of tens of thousands of women who count on  women’s health clinics for their primary access to health care.  Let him know that WE should decide not legislators.
  • Follow NC Women Matter on our facebook page for the latest information.  We will do our best to keep you informed. You can also subscribe to get updates from this website as they are posted — look at the bottom of the right hand column of Finally even if you aren’t on twitter, you can get updates from a range of our allies by checking the page — and if you are on twitter make sure you’re following the key posters from that list.
  • Register and Plan to attend Issues and Actions:  North Carolina Women Matter on Saturday, July 20, 2013, 9:30AM at Bennett College in Greensboro.  Plan on bringing a car full.  There is no cost and the day will be filled with information-sharing, training, and networking.  Click here to learn more and register.
  • July 13 is our final Conference Call-in of this session.  We will use this 45 minute call, starting at 9:30 to bring everyone up-to-date on what is happening in the legislature and what everyone needs to know.  Click here to sign up for the call.

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