Listen to our June 21 call

You’ve got three ways to listen to the call:

  1. Download the June 21 call to your MP3 player via link to recording
  2. Listen to the call on your computer:
  3. Use your telephone to hear the recording by
    calling 1-626-677-3003 (long distance)
    access code 222581

The recordings will be available until July 21.

The start of the call includes 4 minutes of discussion while the participants were gathering, and you probably want to skip that. Use the fast forward on your MP3 player to move to minute 4. If you are listening via telephone (#3) you can press 3 on your telephone to skip forward 10 seconds (press 1 if you want to skip back to get a repeat), so pressing 3 for 20-30 times will skip you over the chit-chat not related to the call itself.

2 thoughts on “Listen to our June 21 call

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