Celebrate Election Day with Your Kids!

Lots of North Carolina schools are out for Election Day, so it’s the perfect opportunity to show your kids why voting is important.  And what could be more fun than celebrating with your friends?

NC MomsRising has partnered with Kids Voting NC to create a Voting Party kit complete with invitations, crafts and activities, and story ideas.  Download the party kit (.pdf) and invitation (.doc)!

Kids can even cast their own vote through Kids Voting NC at http://www.kidsvotingnc.org/

Why throw a Kids Voting party?

As moms we know that, like with so many things in life, kids will do what they see their parents do.  Our friends at Kids Voting remind us that the biggest determinant of whether you grow up to be an educated voter is not race or economic level or education. It’s whether or not your parents did it and showed that it was important.  It’s up to us to show our kids that voting is important and something worth celebrating!

A Voting Party gives you an easy way to invite your friends to go vote and a fun way to introduce and encourage voting with your kids.  Get the party kit for your own party here!  https://ncwomenmatter.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/early-voting-party-kit3.pdf

Please let us know if you throw your own party!  Send us a note or a picture to Beth@momsrising.org.

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