Getting the word out: Toxic Chemicals

We’ve challenged you to write Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor on the range of issues that affect the women and families of North Carolina — both to raise awareness on the issues and to ensure women’s voices appear in the conversation.

Over the past couple of weeks there’s been a discussion of Toxic Chemicals, one of several issues listed on our What’s at Stake page.Jessica Nakels Burroughs’ Op-Ed, Next step toward safer chemicals, appeared in the News & Observer on August 10. She discusses the background and implications of the Safe Chemicals Act (S847) which is now headed to the US Senate for a vote.

On August 21, Sarah Bickley raised her voice giving additional personal examples of dangerous products and their effects on our health and urged voters to contact Sens. Hagan and Burr.

In the August 24 paper, Deborah Bryan, President and CEO of Action for Children NC, chimed in with a call to action on this important issue.

If you see additional letters, please post the links in the comments.

And PLEASE, contact Sen. Hagan and Sen. Burr to ask them to support the Safe Chemicals Act, S847.

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