We’re writing letters!

NC Women Matter is beginning its first major effort to inform women and increase the female vote in November 2012.  All of the research tells us that direct, woman-to-woman contact is a highly effective, high-impact approach to increase female voter participation.  We are starting our activity by initiating a woman-to-woman letter writing campaign.  We need your help to send over 2500 letters to potential women voters across the state.

You can either organize a letter writing event with your friends or just write a bunch of letters yourself.  NC Women Matter will provide you with a tool kit that includes a sample letter, talking points and the names and addresses of women who will need encouragement to vote.

If you have questions or run into problems, Mary Klenz and Peg Chapin of the League of Women Voters are coordinating the campaign and they will be happy to assist you.  They can be contacted at letters@ncwomenmatter.org.

The July letters are intended to stress issues and what is at stake in the November election.  Letters in September will also stress issues and provide information about early voting.  Letters at the end of October will urge women to get out and vote.  Now is the time to step up and engage in this extremely important effort.

Remember, women make up just over 54% of the registered voters in this state and if they are informed on the issues and vote, good things will happen for women, children and families.

3 thoughts on “We’re writing letters!

  1. What a lie declaring yourselves non-partisan. Not declaring yourself by party affiliation but taking up the left’s agenda is partisan. Look under THE ABOUT US tab on the website as to sponsors and members.

  2. Nonpartisan isn’t the same as without opinions on public policy issues. As you say, the About Us section gives information on who we are and where we stand.

    However, we do not coordinate with any political party in the issue papers we post or the GOTV actions we take. We are careful to support both transparency and independence from all political parties.

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