We’re starting to roll …

NC Women Matter is gaining momentum and wants to encourage you to join our grass roots efforts that will encourage more women to be informed voters in November.

Wondering how you can help? We are planning

  • Woman-to-woman letter writing campaigns
    Can you write to women across the state with information on the issues?
    Can you host organize such a letter writing campaign in your area?
  • Outreach to the media
    We need people to help craft communications that others can use as a basis for
    Letters to the editor and
    Op-Ed pieces for local papers
  • Social media campaigns that will grow our campaign and spread our message
  • Assisting our member organizations with their voter registration drives

And, of course, we’ll need some help keeping track of all this!

So if you’d like to help, give us your contact information and check off where you’d like to contribute. (And if you’d like to take a copy of this form to one of your face-to-face meetings, here’s a link to a printable version of the form.) If you’re not sure where you’d like to plugin, please contact info@ncwomenmatter.org.

New volunteer form as of 9/2013

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