Register Today for March 5th Discussion on Gender Gap in Greensboro

Good afternoon friends,

On March 5, the faith community, labor groups and local partners will bring together stakeholders from a variety of organizations to discuss how the gender gap creates opportunities to organize more power across organizations and allies in the states. By aligning ourselves around a common set of values, power analysis and vision, economic justice, reproductive justice advocates and the faith communities can build enough power and create enough demand for the kind of systemic change that makes equality more possible for everyone and that finally addresses the long-standing inequities that deny women, particularly low-income women and women of color, a fair opportunity to succeed.

Please make your calendar and share with your networks for this one of a kind forum that will be taking place on March 5, 10am-4pm at Saint Matthews United Methodist Church 600 E. Florida Street, Greensboro.  For questions and to register for the forum, contact Carolyn Smith at 336-292- 4178 or email Registration is limited so please register early.

ERA Conference Oct. 24th in Greensboro – Register today!

            “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” is the attitude of many legislative and congressional leaders regarding equal rights for women and men.
            To overcome resistance, ignorance, and apathy on the part of many political leaders, advocates of the Equal Rights Amendment are invited to participate in a statewide conference, “The ERA—Give a Damn” on October 24. RATIFY ERA-NC, a statewide organization dedicated to making the ERA part of the U.S. Constitution, is sponsoring the program, which will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Congregational United Church of Christ, 400 W. Radiance Drive in Greensboro.
            Featured speakers are North Carolina Rep. Carla Cunningham and Sen. Floyd McKissick, ERA primary sponsors; and NAACP leader Melinda Lowrance. The program will include strategy planning sessions and lunch.
            Reservations are required and must be made by October 16. Fee is $15 (includes lunch).  To register, send contact information and check, payable to RATIFY ERA-NC, to
RATIFY ERA-NC, P.O. Box 758, Black Mountain, NC 28711. For more information, contact

Oct 24 flyer ERA

Women’s Advocacy Day Rescheduled

NC Women United has rescheduled Women’s Advocacy Day for Tuesday, April 21 at 9:00am! Plan to come join us for a day of training and discussion on these key areas:

  • Access to Health Care
  • Civic Participation and Equality
  • Economic Self Sufficiency
  • Violence Against Women

Register for the day here and stay up to date on all the latest about the day on the Facebook event by clicking here.

The day is sure to be inspiring and educational, with registration at the First Baptist Church followed by training and a keynote address from Dream Hampton.

  • 9:00am: Registration opens. We’ll start out the day at First Baptist Church, 101 South Wilmington St, Raleigh. (It’s just a short walk to the legislative building from here, where we’ll head after our morning meeting.)
  • 9:30am – 11am: Morning program (training, speakers, and keynote address by Dream Hampton)
  • 11am – 2pm: Meetings with lawmakers, press conference, and info tables at the NC Legislative Building at 16 W. Jones St., Raleigh.
  • All Day: Groups will be tabling at the NC General Assembly in the 1300 quadrant.

Hope to see you there!

Take good care.


Take Action! Write a letter to the editor about the deep tax cuts that will produce harmful revenue loss

A bill was filed last week that threatens to continue the steep cuts to corporations in our state while continuing to benefit the wealthiest taxpayers in our state. Further analysis of this legislation can be found here, with it being compared to legislation from 2013 that passed and is hurting our state and economy today.

Coming on the heels of the 2013 tax cuts that primarily benefited the wealthy and profitable corporations, SB 526 would:

  • Amount to over $1.5 billion in lost revenue for public services and programs by providing deeper income tax cuts, including reducing the personal income tax rate from the current rate of 5.75 percent to 5.5 by 2017
  • Provide huge tax cuts to profitable corporations by further reducing the corporate income tax rate from 5 percent to 4 percent by 2017 and by changing the way profitable corporations can apportion their income
  • Increase subsidies for corporations by expanding the business incentives program

It is time to take action! Can you write a letter to the editor about how these deep tax cuts will result in more revenue loss for our state? If so, click here.

Take good care. M.

Update on education

On Friday, June 6, Alexandra Sirota, Director of the Budget and Tax Center, a part of the NC Justice Center, Ann McColl, General Counsel for the North Carolina Association of Educators and Marge Foreman, lobbyist for NCAE, discussed the education issues being considered by the NC General Assembly.

You’ve got three ways to listen to the call. For all of these you probably want to skip the first 3 minutes and 30 seconds, a recording of the participants gathering.

  1. Download the call to your MP3 player via link to recording
  2. Listen to the call on your computer (if your browser supports this): (Click in the progress bar to move the current listening point)
  3. Use your telephone to hear the recording by calling 1-626-677-3003 (long distance) access code 479858 (playback controls)

Again, feel free to skip the first 3 minutes 30 seconds of the call to get to the official starting point.

The recordings will be available until July 5 or contact us for access to audio archives.

Watch our newsletter for updates about NC Women Matter Conference Calls every other Friday through the short session.