Help Get Out The Vote – Get Involved This Year

“Thank you for your efforts in reaching out to voters in NC on the important matter of women’s rights.  I too hold a deeply felt passion for these issues…I promise you my voice will be heard through this great democratic practice, a right I treasure…Thank you for your words, your voice, and your work to make this state a better home for all of us.”  This is part of a note received by one of our letter writers.  The Letters are truly appreciated!

The 2016 NC Women Matter woman-to-woman letter writing campaign has begun.

If you have already requested names of women to whom you will write letters, thanks so very much.

In case you haven’t yet, now is the time to sign up and volunteer to participate in this very important and effective get-out the-vote activity. Your participation has never been more important.  The process is simple.   Click Here.  You will be sent a list of names, addresses and phone numbers along with a tool kit that will explain the entire process with tips to help you along the way.

We are hoping that the letters will be sent out during September after Labor Day. After the letter is sent, in early October, we will follow up by sending each letter recipient a “Why Vote” brochure outlining a number of issues and urging individuals to vote.  Then we hope you will call your letter recipients when early voting begins on October 20 and remind them how important their vote really is.

Think about inviting several of your friends to join you in the letter writing process.  Have friends over for a letter writing party.  Dozens of women across the state are doing just that.

If you have any questions, shoot an e-mail to either Mary Klenz, at klenz or to Pat Orrange at

Just Click Here to sign up today.

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